Say Goodbye


Everyone is leaving me,
Who left shall i see?
My heart is being taken by a university,
How long will it be?
A year plus three? .
My soul didn’t really want me,
He left like the waves from a coral sea.
He came in and nipped my toes,
But left forever,
there he goes!
My first home has gone away,
Childhood memories all betrayed.
Now its a big building made from bricks,
Knowing no one,
The pain ticks.

Everyone is coming to me,
Too many people I have to meet.
My heart will have a new chest,
I’ll have to visit,
And be alone the rest.
I’ll find myself a new soul,
Someone who loves me,
and won’t grow old.
But I won’t have time,
I’ll have to stay like a lone chime.
Now I’ll have a new home,
With new friends,
Maybe I won’t be alone.
Everyone is able to adapt,
Time can heal, I won’t be trapped.

Life as I know it say goodbye,
Just clench my teeth and do not cry.


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