About Anna

Hello my fellow WordPressers!

I’m Anna Rose, I’m 15, and I’m a Pisces

Despite living in the humdrum and pretentious affluent suburbs of Chicago, I would describe myself as a laid back, down to Earth girl whose always up for a good adventure. I love the mountains and the ocean and dream of living in Colorado or Utah as an adult in a small mountain village away from the big cities.

Differing from my parent’s goals for me, I would love to just have a simple, comfortable, and happy life. Their strict, conservative upbringing of me has lead me to my realization of my liberality and eccentric personality. Because of my parents harshness, I’ve learned that the kind of person you are is absolutely affected by the people who you let in.

I am a free spirit who always where’s her tangled curly hair down, and loves meeting new, interesting people who teach me lessons in life. I love the feel of sand in between my feet and a breeze allowing my hair to naturally flow. I love the smell of clear fresh air, falling backwards into the snow, the rush of downhill skiing, and the views of the Earth from the top of mountains. I love when someone looks at you and smiles, and you know that you’re the reason their happy. I love the smell of the salt in my hair after swimming in the ocean. I love sitting by the ocean, and letting the waves crash into me. I love big bear hugs and cuddling with people who mean the world to me. I love having a best friend who I can tell anything. I love the smell of rain and nature. I love taking long walks in the forrest. I love finding songs that correlate directly to how your feeling at that moment. I love having the freedom to be me. I will love it when I find someone who will accept such a large personality from such a small girl. I cannot wait until I have the independence for my personality to fully shine, without my parents stern hand.

Now that you know a little about me, read my stories to find out all about my experiences in this confusing and conflicting thing we call living.



Anna Rose


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